Hello! My name is Alexey Zhuravel, I am a certified plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist with 12 years of experience.

I see patients and operate in Kiev where I have lived most of my life, however, I am originally from Cherkassy region.

I love traveling, so I sometimes operate in different cities of Ukraine and I am always glad to see patients from all the corners of the world.

It is very important for me to continue learning and developing skills in order to provide my patients with the best service.

That is why it is even difficult to list the number of courses, seminars, study programs and practical studies in various countries that I have successfully done and attended.

I am also a member of several all-Ukrainian associations of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons.

Here I tell more about myself, my values, mission, introduce some of my team and even my operation room. Do you have a question or want to get a consultation?



Liposculpting of the whole body – 4500€
* arms only - 1800€
* buttocks only - 2000€
* legs only - 1500€

Thigh sculpting - 1200€
Arm sculpting (brachioplasty) - 1200€
Buttocks sculpting (gluteoplasty) - 3500€
Lower leg sculpting (cruroplasty)- 3000€
Mini abdominoplasty with liposuction (abdomen sculpting) - 3500€

Labioplasty (reduction/enlargement of vulvar lips) — 1050€

Scar revision — 300€

Circular blepharoplasty– 1500€
Upper/lower blepharoplasty- 1050€
Trinity eyes (thread lifting) – 2300€
Fox eyes (surgical lifting) – 4300€

Facial liposuction highlighting the lower face- 1500€
SMAS face lift 2/3 of the face - 4000€
Endoscopic face lift- 4000€
Temporal face lifting - 2500€
Otoplasty - 1050€

Canthoplasty and canthopexy - 1500€
Preorbitoplasty (Cleopatra's eyes, wolf eyes)- 2500€
«row sculpting (browlift) - 1500€
Facial lipofilling -1200€

Neck lift (platysmaplasty) - €1050

Surgical reduction/enlargement of lips - 1050€

Rhinoplasty - 4000€
(aesthetic nose shape/size contouring surgery)

Septoplasty - 1050€
(functional nasal septum correction surgery)

Rhinoseproplasty - 5000€
(combination of aesthetic and functional surgery)

Breast enlargement(augmentational mammaplasty) - 3500-4500€

Breast enlargement + lifting - 7000€

Breast reduction in gigantomastia - 3500€

Mammaplasty with breast lipofilling - 5500€

Modern men take care of their body not less than women. It has become common to see men at plastic surgeon's

I produce the whole complex of services in male surgery, which is:





Gynecomastia in men is a fairly common disease, based on enlargement of mamma glands.

With this surgery it is possible to get rid of excessive fat, highlight six-pack abs, waistline or oblique abdominal muscles.

The whole complex of plastic surgeries aiming at changing masculine body features to feminine type ones, as well as sex affirmation surgery.

Being a beautiful and young mother is absolutely real. It's possible to get a flat and slim belly after delivery or have tight and sexy breasts even after several deliveries and breastfeeding.

In 6 months after delactation you can already apply for the complex «Mommy makeover». Depending on your desires and needs this complex can include following operations: breast lifting and enlargement, liposculpting, liposuction, abdominoplasty, labioplasty e.t.c.

Breast size loss after childbirth (ptosis of mammary glands)

After pregnancy and breastfeeding women often face the problem of saggy breast. This used to be a lifelong problem for women with such malformations who remember themselves in earlier photos. This leads to low self-esteem and complexes.

There is no doubt that you can accept the malformations. But why should you? Even after childbirth you can have a full-sized, beautiful and sexy breast.

To eliminate the consequences of labour we perform breast lift. We may also place breast implants if needed.

Sagging of skin and belly diastasis. What can be done?

It is belly that suffers the most in women during childbirth. As a result, even young girls may have sagging skin and muscles, stretch marks and the belly becomes rounded. To fix this we perform abdominoplasty, which removes all the consequences of pregnancy and labour.

After a consultation we decide on whether we perform abdominoplasty (remove the maximum amount of excessive skin, the stitch in the bikini area is invisible) or we need circular abdominoplasty (remove the skin not only from the belly but from the back and thighs as well).

Fat accumulation on waistline and thighs.

After a hormonal flux before and after pregnancy new fat depot stores appear on the belly, waistline and buttocks. All this can be removed with only one surgery. What is more, with liposculpting (surgery) it is possible to create an attractive sporty silhouette.

Performing the Mommy Makeover procedure package allows both to save your expenses significantly and solve numerous problems at once!

This way you reduce expenses for anesthesia, operation room, lab tests and post-surgery period. The price is individually calculated after a consultation with the doctor.

Performing the MOMMY MAKEOVER procedure package allows both to save your expenses significantly and solve numerous problems at once!

This way you reduce expenses for anesthesia, operation room, lab tests and post-surgery period. The price is individually calculated after a consultation with the doctor.


Do you want to have a surgery or complex of surgeries done but you lack time to look for tickets, book accommodation and organize the whole process? My team will do everything for you! Just call us or get a consultation.

We will help with transfer

Organize accommodation and leisure activities

Offer comfortable conditions for the post-surgery period

There will be an interpreter with you throughout your whole trip


Assisting surgeon, ENT specialist,
aesthetic medicine specialist

Assisting sugreon,
ENT specialist


I have known Alexey Yurievich for a long time and I want to say that he is a real man.

He is hardworking, keeps on mastering his skills, studies abroad, dedicates a lot of his time to his favorite work and the main thing abut him is his sensitive attitude to patients.

I have already addressed him twice. First - 3 years ago, when I had my surgery for sucking pads removal and second time - a recent rhinoseptoplasty.

Both of the surgeries were utterly successful and I am 100% pleased with the result.

Choosing a doctor is a very responsible step and I deeply recommend Alexey Yurievich Zhuravel as an excellent specialist!

Hello! My name is Anastasia and I am 25. I had been thinking about consulting a plastic surgeon, was looking for one on the Internet. I eventually found Alexey Zhuravel and he appeared to be a nice person and attracted me with his artistic work.

I was following him on social media for a few years, so I decided to have liposuction and rhinoplasty done with him. I have absolutely no regret of choosing this specific doctor, this is love from the first sight and for years and years to come. I am totally satisfied with the result, his work has given me tears of joy.

He is the most sensitive and attentive specialist you could ever meet. If you have doubts, just don't. Alexey Yurievich is a top professional.

I now like myself and recommend this doctor to everyone. Thank you for your work!

I'm very grateful to the universe for such a gift and for Alexey Yuryevich's hands of gold!
I wasn't mistaken with my choice of the surgeon, the result is even better than I have expected. Now I admire his work every day.

Three moths have passed since the surgery and I'm feeling great. And what is especially pleasant, that after the procedure, they don't forget about you, but continue to check up, so that everything stays good.

The doctor sent from above, I trust him 100 %!
You are making people happy!
Is anesthesia dangerous?
No, it isn't. I have a team of qualified anesthesiologists who will talk you through all the process before the operation, so that you are not worried about it. Before we proceed to the operation the doctor will evaluate your condition and whether you can have anesthesia, based on your medical history and lab tests. Only in case all the results of the evaluation are good we will start operating. Some patients say that being sedated is similar to a good deep sleep.

Have you ever talked a patient out of an operation?
Yes, I have and not once. If I see that a patient is not ready for the operation or doesn't have any indication to it, I never agree to perform a surgery.
Do prices include only the surgery itself?
No, the prices are for the whole complex: tests, consultations, accommodation in a ward, surgery, anesthesia and everything you need after the operation (e.g. compression garments), bandaging.

Do you consult only in person?
I consult both in person (in Kiev) and online. This is especially convenient for patients from different cities and countries. You can first get to know me, ask any questions and receive all the answers, make a decision and only then come to get a surgery done. Moreover, patients from other cities can even get all the preliminary lab testing done in their city. We do everything for your convenience!
Is breastfeeding possible after mammoplasty or not?
Of course, you can breastfeed after the surgery. If the implant placement was done under the folding line, there will be no problems. Milk ducts are not affected during implant insertion.
Can you go on vacation by air after breasts enlargement?
Luckily, implants don't burst on planes. All the manufacturers of implants give life-long guarantee for all their products. By the way, there is no need in changing implants during your life as well.
When can you apply makeup after blepharoplasty?
It is better to wait a little and not use any makeup for a couple of weeks.
When can you have intimate intercourse after an operation?
If it is the intimate zone that was operated, you can plan your sexual intercourse depending on your condition. In most cases having sex is allowed in about a week. This is the time a body normally needs to recover.
Is it possible to lose weight by means of liposuction?
Unfortunately, it isn't. Liposuction is no a means of weight loss. However, you can get rid of fat depots in problem areas. It is important to maintain an active lifestyle after getting a liposuction.
Can you get a rhinoplasty for both aesthetic and medical reasons at the same time?
Most surgeries are performed on medical conditions to improve one's breathing. This is septoplasty or nasal septum repair, when a curved nasal septum significantly decreases the quality of a patient's life. All the other cases are aesthetic nose operations. You can get both of these options together during one operation.
When can you see the final result of rhinoplasty?
You can see a steady result in half a year, this is when micro tissue adaptation starts. The final result will be seen not earlier than in a year, no matter what method you choose.
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